Thursday, November 1, 2012

Square Root and Perfect Squares Worksheet Generator (creator of Math Mammoth) has a free square root/perfect square worksheet generator.

You can make worksheets such as the following:

Square Root and Perfect Square Flashcards

I looked online the other day and couldn't find a nice PDF or even word file of square root/perfect square flashcards to print for my son, so I made some up.

Square Root and Perfect Square Flashcards
This is a set 36 flashcards. It includes a set of 15 perfect square flashcards, 15 square root flashcards, and six concept cards.  After cutting out, student should write the answers on the back of the card. (There is a little perfect square chart to help in that as well as sample answers to the concept cards----I didn't put the answers as it was a) time consuming and b) provided more practice for the student  ;)

Hope you find them handy, especially,  if you haven't been able to locate any suitable ones like me.
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