Thursday, June 28, 2012

Math Worksheet Generator at Worksheet

Addition & Subtraction with Geometry Preview Math Worksheets Generator - customizable, generates to PDF form.

Scientific Notation Worksheets Generator

Scientific Notation Preview

Generate Scientific Notation worksheets at
Choose the complexity level and if you want student to convert from standard to scientific or scientific to standard or both.

Free Algebra Worksheets from

Algebra worksheets from
Kuta Software has a nice collection of algebra worksheets organized by topic.  Really easy to find the worksheets you need as they categorize them by objective or goal (eg. finding slope from a graph, multiplying polynomials, etc.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Checking My Work Checklist

imageChecking My Work Checklist
I originally posted this over at the TJ wordpress blog, but since I posted on the self-correction checklist idea today, I thought I'd repost this here as it is related.

This is a checklist I made for my kids to check their work after they completed problems to help remind them to see if their answer is reasonable, if they've presented their work neatly, etc.

Individualized Self Correction Checklist

I love this idea!
Math Problem-Solving: Help Students Avoid Errors With the ‘Individualized Self-Correction Checklist

"Students can improve their accuracy on particular types of word and number problems by using an ‘individualized self-instruction checklist’ that reminds them to pay attention to their own specific error patterns.

To create such a checklist, the teacher meets with the student. Together they analyze common error patterns that the student tends to commit on a particular problem type (e.g., ‘On addition problems that require carrying, I don’t always remember to carry the number from the previously added column.’). For each type of error identified, the student and teacher together describe the appropriate step to take to prevent the error from occurring (e.g., ‘When adding each column, make sure to carry numbers when needed.’). These self-check items are compiled into a single checklist. Students are then encouraged to use their individualized self-instruction checklist whenever they work independently on their number or word problems. As older students become proficient in creating and using these individualized error checklists, they can begin to analyze their own math errors and to make their checklists independently whenever they encounter new problem types."
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